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What is a "Charlie Division" anyway?

In firefighting, to help everyone know where things are happening, we assign letter designations to sides of the structure or house.

Generally, whatever side of the structure has the front door will be the "A-side" (or "side Alpha"). Then the letters go clock-wise around the structure. The "B [Bravo]-side" is to the left, "C [Charlie]-side" is in the back, and then "D [Delta]-side" is to the right of the front door.

The "Charlie Division" is the crew working in the rear of the structure. 

Often times, the Charlie Division is an important resource to the incident commander because they're on the opposite side of the building from him. They let him know about things he otherwise wouldn't be able to see.

We call ourselves Charlie Division because we give people knowledge that they otherwise couldn't get from their vantage point. Who thinks about fire safety on a day-to-day basis? Do you? We do. Who worries about having the right training and supplies to bandage-up a leg after a nasty fall from a bike? Do you? We do. Who dwells on having a contingency plan for life's random emergencies? Do you? We do.

We are your Charlie Division.

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