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About Charlie Division

Who better to teach CPR, First-Aid, and safety than people who perform the skills on a daily basis?

The people behind Charlie Division are all First-Responders.

If there's one thing this group of people know, it's training.  Although an American Red Cross (or American Heart Association) CPR certificate is good for two years.  First-Responders, on the other hand, train in CPR several times every year.  They also perform CPR numerous times per year too using many of the same skills any member of the public can learn.

Think about it; people every day encounter emergencies. After all, someone has to witness an emergency before 9-1-1 can be called. There is no reason that members of the public can't be trained to look at the emergencies they encounter with "First-Responder colored" glasses. It would help everyone out!

Based outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlie Division has access to some of the best EMS systems in the state.  Between monitoring the latest studies and research of the American Red Cross and American Heart Association, and training to the latest NC OEMS protocols, we are confident in our ability to present the best, and most up-to-date information to our students.

From bandaging a gash on the leg, to recognizing the signs of a stroke, to fire safety, when Charlie Division comes to teach your class, we teach from experience!

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